How to Learn What Your Customers Aren't Telling You 

Customer Listening Webinar.pngEverything great that’s ever happened in business started with understanding the target audience’s wants and needs. But surprisingly too often, customer facing teams skip the critical step of listening—without agendas or filters. Like all of us, we often tend to assume, guess or intuit what the world looks like from the customers’ perspective.

View this on-demand webinar to learn these five takeaways:

  1. How to position your request to customers (including a proven email template).
  2. Whom you should invite to participate.
  3. Thought provoking questions to get participants talking.
  4. Listening tips to make sure you hear what’s important.
  5. Tips on how to share these newly discovered insights across the organization (product, marketing, sales, services, and support).

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