Webinar: New Manager's Guide for a Customer Success Strategy Implementation

Are you finalizing your new year strategy as you lead Customer Success at your organization? Join Emilia D'Anzica, Partner at Winning by Design, as she takes you through a practical guide for building a scalable Customer Success program at your organization. Trying to build all elements of Customer Success at once is a recipe for mediocre outcomes. How do you break down your programs to achieve maximum benefit for both your customers and your company?
Featuring insights from over 15 years of work in Customer Success and most recently as an Interim Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at multiple companies, Emilia will give CS leaders a blueprint for executing a strategy that you can take your leadership and goals to the next level.
Session Highlights Include:

  • Prioritizing Strategic Initiatives - How to define actions that will have the greatest impact on our business and customers over the next few years
  • Creating a Revenue Engine - Communication and education that enable your team to achieve the organization's top goals 
  • Leveraging Technology to Scale - Characteristics you need most from Customer Success platforms and infrastructure 
  • Managing Changes for Success - What served a purpose for your customers and organization may no longer be relevant for your organization's top goals 

Emilia headshotJoin us as we share experiences from the trenches on aligning business priorities, technology and priorities. 

Speaker Bio:
Emilia D'Anzica is a Customer Success and Account Management Growth Consultant and Partner at Winning by Design. With deep expertise in scaling organizations, she works with companies globally to build programs that are customer-centric and scalable. She is process and culture-driven, building high performing teams. She is based in Silicon Valley leading teams at Jobvite, BrightEdge, and Walkme. She has also held numerous Interim 'Head of Customer Success' roles.

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